Gira Wilco per Espanya


It is a pleasure for us to continue announcing collaborations with other promoters to be able to present tours like this ✨.

A lot has happened since that Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, for many a milestone of alternative rock. Jesus, Etc, Heavy Metal Drummer or I’m Trying To Break Your Heart contributed to create a rounded album in the best time for American indie.

Now, it is logical that we feel some nostalgia listening to Wilco’s great songs. We may be reluctant to admit that it’s been more than twenty years, but we’re not afraid to say that every album by this band engages us like the first day.

This summer we’re going on tour with Wilco! 🚌 see you at:

▫️ 20/6 – San Sebastian.
▪️ 21/6 – Zaragoza
▫️ 22/6 – Barcelona
▪️ 6/24 – Burjassot
▫️ 25/6 – Murcia
▪️ 27 and 28/6 – Madrid

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